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Steven Craig Moss

JavaScript Web Developer User Experience Architect User Interface Designer My DevLife: FULL FRONTAL!

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Hello, I'm Steven, a Full Stack JavaScript Development trained Front End Developer, UX Architect, and UI Designer looking for a team in need of a Triple Threat with my skill set. Graduate of V School, a Full Stack JAVASCRIPT Immersion program in Salt Lake City. Always the eager Student. Eyebrows speak louder than words.

  • Name: Steven Craig Moss
  • Phone: (734)478-5925
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1984
  • Current Location:Digital Nomad | USA

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Front End Languages, Technology && Productivity:

User Experience Centered and User Interface implementation HTML5, CSS3, Less, Sass, Bootstrap, Flexbox, JavaScript(Vanilla plus Mean Stack), JQuery, AngularJS, React, Ionic, Balsamiq (Wireframes/Mockups) Content Management IDE/Editors: Xcode, Dreamweaver, WebStorm, Atom, Sublime, Chocolat, Coda 2, Visual Studio Code, and Brackets. Productivity: Slack, Microsoft Office Suite, MacWorks, Asana, and Omni Productivity Software.

Back End Languages, Technology & Productivity:

Express, Node.js, NPM, HomeBrew, Mongoose, MongoDB (NoSQL database architecture), Cloudinary, Amazon Web Service, Heroku, PHP, Ruby on Rails. SEE EDUCATION SECTION FOR LEARNING OBJECTIVES IN PROGRESS!


SCRUM believer, utilize Agile and Lean techniques, responsive design enthusiest, RESTful API. Paired Programming and iterations galore. Believe in the idea Failure === Teachable moment. Advocate of New-Hire Training, career trajectory planning with management and continuous education.

Soft Skills

Superb attention to detail, ablity to find the rhythm in Chaos to analyze where I can be of maximum use, solution oriented, undeniable engergy and moxie with both clients and coworkers, know when to ask for help, years spent learning life saving triage techniques and can create and alter priorities in the midst of choas with ease and percision. Get things done attitude. My smile and dimples combo closes deals.

The Ultimate Skill:

This world is unpredicatable and turbulance should be expected, occasionally, something knocks you down. I don't know what to call this final skill but I have to mention the enigmatic skill I have acquired. At times of personal tragedy, unpredictable economy, and the little monster we all know as The Poverty line. When most fall a part, due to my diverse interests and skills and love of planning...I DELIVER RESULTS. I honor the commitments I make no matter what the terrain. One foot in front of the other I came out of this worst time of my entire life unscathed with my zest for life untouched and my moxieat an all time high. It is a skill gifted to me from my parents and I bring it everywhere I go... the ability to transcend persevere and c arry on still making sure those T's are crossed and those I's dotted!

Web Development

Expert, 2 years


Expert, 3 years

JavaScript, WordPress,

Expert, 3 years

Server Side Development (MEAN STACK)

Expert, 1 year



Awards outside of Developer world. Just really highlighting my academics, ems career and the fact that I am a filmmaker!

Phi Theta Kappa: Honors Society
SAS Service Award 2015
Florida Short Script Award


Business Email Templates Desktop & Mobile

Technology used: HTML5, CSS3. I have gone back to past clients and the trend is everyone wants an Email Template. It is just as functional on a mobile device and makes monday morning emails fun. Responsive design conscious. Toughest aspect: CSS prowess is a talent which takes years. I have so much respect for the masters of all things Grid and Flex Grid related.

Single Page Application:

Technology used: HTML5, CSS3, Pure and Tachyons CSS Frameworks. Responsive design conscious. Toughest aspect was making the page the right length. Knowing when more section or div elements were needed and choosing quick form or and extended form. It does make a difference, and I finally found the balance.

Portfolio Site: Steven Craig Moss

Technology used:HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and template used and customized with precision. Responsive design conscious. Toughest aspect was giving the respect to the necessary whitespace needed for a personal portfolio and anding just enough personality that is true to my brand.

Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it. If you aren't sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better.
John Carmack - Google Inc

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